The Cake & Dessert Bar

First off my brother in-law's brother, David Kropp is an amazing baker and cake decorator and if you ever need a cake or any baked goods for a party or wedding you should definitely contact him! He did our cake and dessert bar and everything was fabulous!

The Cake: I found thee perfect cake one day when I was browsing Green Wedding Shoes Blog and so I asked David to do something close to it. Below is the picture of the cake I showed him..

The Cake Topper: I also saw on greenweddingshoes and other blogs the cute wooden cake toppers of the bride and groom and I totally wanted something like that.. So I ended up buying a make your own cake topper set form Etsy with two wooden people and paint/paint brushes.. Then I asked my friend Luke Moran who is extremely talented (he did our custom stamps for the wedding invites/save the dates) to paint them how I wanted them to look and OH MY GOSH- they were perfect!!

So here is the amazing cake and topper!

we were nice =)

Fun Fact: We used the Mini Canvas that I made for our engagement shoot to hang over our sweetheart table at the wedding and then we made the cake topper mini us also have little mini canvas bunting over them! I looove the photo on the right.. I don't remember what I was laughing at, haha.

The Dessert Bar: Ryan and I both aren't Huge fans of cake however we are both complete opposites on what kind of sweets we like.. Soooo that being said.. We had a "her treats" side with all the delicious sweets I love and then we had a "his treats" side of all the desserts Ryan likes. My side consisted of LOTS OF CHOCOLATE! But also things like Key Lime Squares and Apricot Coconut Pie! The Black Bottom Raspberry Chocolate Tart was probably my favorite but everything was soooo delicious! Ryan had a strawberry shortcake roll, macademia nut pie, and peanut butter and jelly cookies which seriously were to die for among many other treats! Unfortunately I didn't get any professional pictures of the dessert bar but I do have some from David who has a nice camera! 

I said, "Yes!"

I'm back to blogging! I mean't to write a lot more often than I atcually did.. Here goes a second time! I first want to start by posting the pictures from my engagement, wedding and anniversary photo shoots. Here is the amazing photo shoot that took place in PA when Ryan proposed to me and it was an absolute surprise! We scheduled the shoot months before we got engaged thinking we would be engaged by then however Ryan told me that he couldn't get the ring in time.. We didn't want to cancel the shoot because my friend was coming from Kansas City and already booked her flight.. Unbeknownst to me it was all his plan to surprise me by actually proposing to me right as we started the shoot. It really was amazing and a complete surprise! I honestly didn't think he could lie! 

So here are some of the several pictures that we took that lovely day..

Fun Facts:
-The wooden signs we used we also used at the wedding.

-We were wearing purple, orange and green because that was our wedding colors!

-The flowers that were painted on the mini canvases are the same that I drew and scanned onto our invitations 
which I will show you in a later post! We also hung the mini canvases above our sweetheart table at the reception! 

Photography by Higher Focus Photography