2nd Anniversary Photo Shoot - Pillow Fight!

Don't you love any excuse to do a photo shoot?! Well Ryan and I had our 2nd Anniversary and of course we had to do another shoot! We decided last year to base the themes of our anniversary photo shoots on the traditional gifts for the Anniversary years (look below to see chart). Last year was


so we made a homemade paper kite and tried flying it- it was unsuccessful unfortunately but still made for a fun photo shoot. You can view those photos here 

1st Anniversary Photo Shoot

This year was


so we decided to have a pillow fight!! I know they were feather pillows but the pillow case and sheets were 100% cotton! It was such a fun thing to do - I hope you enjoy the photos!

Below is a cute Anniversary gift chart made by www.iloveswmag.com

One of the coolest things is that we used pallet boards as our headboard of our "bed" and ended up using the pallets to make a real headboard for our real bed! Below are instagrams that I took of it.