I'm Kimmy, the owner and founder of Drift Design Co. I currently reside in an adorable little town called Oneonta in central NY with my manly, bearded husband, Ryan. I am a wife, artist, runner, floral designer, food enthusiast, goal digger, busy bee, and God-fearing woman. 

I have highly appreciated aesthetics since I was a young girl. I didn't "play" with Barbies; I designed and decorated beautiful houses for them. In grade school, I was awarded the Best Handwriting award every single year. I took pride in that award. I realize now that I was pretty awful at science and math and could never win any other awards; but hey, my handwriting got me through! In middle school, I began impressionistic painting and also started working at a flower shop at age 14. I became one of the main floral designers soon after, and was the official decorator of the shop for 10 years. In college I continued to paint and majored in Art Studio with a concentration in Design. I was also blessed to have my own art show in one of the galleries on campus. As a senior I took my first and only computer art class and realized how much I loved graphic design. Currently, I am the graphic designer for LEAF, Inc., a small non-profit in Oneonta, NY and I am very thankful for this position. It allows me to continually design event posters, newspaper and social media ads, and much more.

I fully recognize that my talents and creative eye only come from God. My desire here at Drift Design Co. is to glorify Him through every piece or design that I make and sell. I am so grateful to open the Drift Shop and I look forward to all that God has for the future! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see my creative process as well as what inspires me!     

Drift Away...

My husband and I were sitting on the rocky coastal shoreline of Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine looking out into the ocean and reading a book on prayer when I abruptly stopped reading and said to him, "I need a name for my business. I asked God to reveal a name while we were on vacation and this is our last night here. i need a name right now." I playfully raised my hand up in the air and exclaimed, "Jesus, I am trusting you to give me a name right now!" Not 30 seconds later my husband looked over across the breathtaking coast and yelled, "Driftwood!" That's your name! And proceeded to tell me how driftwood has always reminded him of the transformation of a Christian's life. Like driftwood, we (humankind) start off as dead, rotting and of no value but God through "raging waters" of the Gospel transforms us into something beautiful only by Hid grace. We mulled this name over and of course instantly started checking all social media sites and websites to see the availability and originality. That night we prayed some more and talked some more and eventually came up with Drift Design Co. and it stuck. I'm so thankful for a loving God who answers prayers and turns an old piece of dead wood into something so beautiful. Here at Drift Design Co., my desire is that God will inspire me to create beautiful pieces that anyone can enjoy. Let's drift away together and see all the beauty God has in store for us!